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Antenna trailer progress

Rich just sent me this picture. LUKIN GUD Lot of talent in our club!

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Equipment for sale

Hi all,
In my meanderings this weekend I discovered some equipment for sale:
Kenwood TS430-s with fm for $250
and an ICOM antenna tuner IC-AT100 for $60
If interested, em me and I'll pass along the contact info.
73, Loren

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UHF Fun from Samish look out

I went out for a short time during the August ARRL UHF QSO party.
Operated 220 MHz 432 MHz and 1296 MHz .Running the two FT736’s off the Truck battery and relying on my lap top battery to hold its own, after half hour it was down to 50% so I ran it a short time more and shut down.
I was almost packed up to leave when I remembered that I had not taken any picture .I had not taken the antennas off the mast so I stood it back up for a few shots.
You don’t get to see the fun stuff like me with tarp slang over the roof of the truck to keep out of the sun or the two radios and computer on the make shift table.

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